Blog Week 4: Successful Networking

 Step1: Always get information regarding a position that may or may not be available. Never Ask for the job. Many people fail in the field of job searching simply because they are asking their family and or friends to get them a job. Employers are not going to know who to hire if you don’t show your face. Step2: Set up a LINKED IN account to meet new professional business people who are always looking for a hard working person this could be your professional electronic profile. As long as you do not post anything that could possibly hurt your chances. Step 3: Always be prepared with what you want to say. If you have to come up with a speech that you could practice in the mirror before you actually speak with someone. Step 4: Realize everything may not come the day of. Know you are going to have a couple of rough days employers may not respond to your email right way or call you back the same day. Just be patient and everything will work out in its own time. Last but not least Step5: If you’re out networking make sure if someone refers you to another business professional keep in touch and maybe just maybe they will help you in the long haul. So don’t ever think that your hard work will go unrecognized.


Blog Week 3: Can Tattoos Help You or Hurt You

Many people may not know that tattoos can hurt you in the professional world. Visible tattoos should be covered up and shouldn’t be seen. If you’re looking for a job and you have visible tattoos you can use tattoo cover up or make up you don’t have any cover up. I know many places may not mind you having tattoos as long as they are covered up. People do judge you on your appearance and big, bold, and inappropriate tattoos will harm your job opportunity. Now, on the other hand if you have a tattoo and it is not visible you have a greater chance of getting the job. Simply because you have the appropriate attire as well as the drive to perform the job. Another thing is if you have them and they ask you if do you have a tattoo tell them no. Even if they don’t-DO NOT TELL.

Blog Week 2: Attitude

Many people may not know that your attitude affects every aspect of your life. Whether, it may be your professional life or your everyday life. Your attitude can make people react to you in a negative manner if you give off that “I DON’T CARE” kind of attitude.  Because I know that “A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it you will never go anywhere.” Having a positive attitude in the real world will help you get far in a company. You could possibly get a raise, or maybe even the famous corner office with the amazing view. Even business meetings around the world. You may never know where a positive attitude can take you until you try.

Blog Week 1: Fears and Excitements of Blogging

Fears and Excitements go hand in hand. One minute you could be afraid but if you change your perspective just a tad bit into something exciting. Many people fear blogging simply because they feel it takes people into their personal lives. The only way people will be in your personal life is of you post you personal business. Which is not the case? Blogging is just and online journal were you post your views on a situation or something that interests you. My personal fears are people not being interested in what I have to say. Or one day I may not have anything to say. I view Blogging like a roller coaster it has ups and downs. But it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride. And I choose to enjoy the ride. I hope everyone else enjoys it as well.