Blog week 5: Interview Questions

During an interview the hiring manager will ask you all kinds of questions that may not pertain to the actual job. It is your decision to answer them or not. The most common questions they always ask are “Why do you want to work for this company.” The most proper way of answering the questions is to be honest never say “Because you all were hiring.” After saying that there is definitely no reasons to think you have the job. If given a scenario would you be able to think on your feet. I know for a fact they will throw a random situation that could possibly or has already happened just to see how you would handle yourself. Whether it be a professional manner or act the way the customer/ client is acting. Most company ask “what do you do in your spare time” only to see how you conduct yourself in public. If your company was to go on a group outing you should always conduct yourself with class. Now that you know how to act when asked questions during an interview. There  is one last piece of advice that i would like to give. Never think so much into these interview question just show a little piece of your personality and always remain professional.


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