Blog Week 7: Social Networks To Get You Hired

Many people in today’s society know all about social networks. Whether, it’s on your phone or you just sitting at home on you on desk top or laptop. However when it comes to the professional networking there are several sites you can create a profile. Which tells a little about yourself and your work history? One place that I do like to use is Linked In. I have had an account a little over 6 months at first I never knew what a Linked In account was until one of my fellow classmates told me what it was. So I decided to create me and account. Now Linked In is social website where different employers and company owners can look for people who they feel have the skills to work for their particular company. This is a great way to meet new people. You never know who you may meet on this site. Most companies are willing to work with new up and coming people in the business world as long as you put forth the effort and show that you are willing to learn and grow. Then why would they want to day no. So get out their and be social.


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