Blog Week 8: Negotiating your Salary

Every time you have an interview your most likely to never hear the hiring manager tell you how much you will be getting paid. I know most of the jobs I’ve had they have never told me I always found out when I received my first pay check. When they ask do you have any questions for me then that is when you should take the advantage and ask the question regarding you salary. However; when you go into the professional business world and they don’t tell you what you salary may be then here are some ways of going about asking. No matter what the job may be always research the company and how much an employee in this field gets paid. Never shortchange yourself meaning never settle for less. Now if they ask you in the early phases of the interview then your will know what they are offering. Also take other offers into account when considering your salary. Remember once you finish your first 90 days your salary could change depending on your experience and how you handle yourself.



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