Blog Week 10: First Day Questions

Every time you walk into a new office space you have this nervous feeling boiling inside and you may have a million questions running through your mind at the same time. During most interview processes I have experienced the managers have all told me what to expect the first day and most of the time it is not always what they will tell you. That is why you should always research the company you may work for. What should I know about the Office Policies? This question burns through my mind all of the time. Since every place is different most policies are the same but different at the same time so i think you should tread very lightly. You may not want to step on anyone’s toes by embarrassing yourself as well as someone else. I know you may have a busy schedule in your everyday life so it never hurts to ask if they have flexible availability so you can always be there when need be with no hesitations. Now if they are strictly going by the nine to five clocks then you may have to plan your day accordingly. Everyone gets “So, Do you have any questions for me” at the end of e very interview. Make sure you ask any question that may be on your mind for the simple fact it could get you and amazing answer that could help you in your everyday life and well as your business life. 


Blog Week 9: Work Relationships

At any job you may go there may be two individuals who are in a relationship. That is the type of relationship you may not want and most jobs may not allow anyways. Now on today’s blog I am going to tell you the type of relationship you may want. One of the Tops rules in the business world is never date anyone you work with always keeps it on a professional level never more. Let that relationship be a partnership for the company you may never know where that could lead. Remember to always stay connected up on the information in the business world. Never compete with you fellow coworkers since the corporate world is so competitive at all time. It is always best to work hard and build you some connections along the way. Just like any other relationship always is supportive of those around you I was always told support those who support you. If you are supportive then your business relationship will go far. Last but not least motivating each other, there may come a time where you may need to be motivated and you may not know how. With your business partner by your side there is no one more perfect to push you to be were you need to be as a team.